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In today’s music world, the most *effective* way to support the regular creation of art is through direct support to the artists. Music streaming platforms, while providing a great user end experience, will often not provide adequate funding alone, with approximately 330,000 streams per month equating to the minimum wage.

Your support here, at the level of your choosing, is what truly makes it easier to dedicate more time and effort towards funding, creating, and sharing new music.

Membership, regardless of level, grants page access featuring:

1) Unreleased Music and Video Blog: pre-released and unreleased works from myself and projects on my Infinity Gritty label. Here first, before it’s out! Or perhaps before it’s ever out.

2) Unlimited 1-on-1 Creative Consulting: ask your questions about anything music or creative via email chat: i.e., playing or theory questions for musicians, tips on live-looping for loopers, direct feedback on your artistic projects for creatives, tips on growing your business for artist entrepreneurs, new listening recommendations for audiophiles… or whatever!

Thanks for everything. Rock on!


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