Ancient Scrolling: A Social Media Detox Soundtrack

Ancient Scrolling: A Social Media Detox Soundtrack In a world moving at full-digital-speed-ahead, the intention for this record was crystal clear: to create music that can accompany someone during a ‘social media detox.’ And, in order to best reflect such an intention, that music was to be created whilst the musicians – ourselves – were undergoing a seven-day social media detox. It

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The People of 2020

The People 2020: 40 composers co-write and record album on the events of 2020 in a 14-day span 40 composers from the NYC music community and around the globe, seeking a way to deeply speak about the times, collaborated to write and record an album called “The People of 2020” over a 14-day period (a ‘quarantine length’ from 3/29/20 – 4/12/20).  Each

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Adam Ahuja - Over the Rainbow (live-looping)

‘Over the Rainbow (live-looping)’ releases on Infinity Gritty / Ropeadope Records

“Over the Rainbow (live-looping)” releases on Infinity Gritty / Ropeadope Records In the 80th year anniversary of its original publishing, Adam Ahuja gives us a re-imagined, chill-synth, indie-jazz take on the beautiful classic melody, “Over the Rainbow.” The remake is performed as a multi-instrumental live-loop, and features a slow-evolving 30-chord progression paired with a somewhat-mysterious, dimly-lit, alt-pop vocal. Ahuja draws out simplicity

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Live at “Relix Magazine”

I had a blast playing at Relix Magazine, a live set filmed by Will Schwerd. And as usual, I brought up some audience members to make and produce a song together at the end (in this case, some chill Relix staff members). Had an awesome time. Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpmDbZXae4w

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Ubiquity Touring!

Hittin’ the road on a solo tour, and linking up some amazing artists along the way. To RSVP, go to the ‘tour’ page on this site!

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Nord Keyboards, “Artist of the Month”

Nord Keyboards “Artist of the Month” Thanks Nord Keyboards, for the Artist of the Month feature!  For the record, my favorite board is the Stage series :). Also a big thanks to Randy and Tanya at ArtistRelations.com, who keep everything running smooth for us artists and brands.     Here are my thoughts on Nord: “The sound quality is rich and dynamic amongst a

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Adam Ahuja EP Release Party @ Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn

The performance release of Adam Ahuja’s debut EP, ‘Balance’ is at ShapesShifter Lab in Brooklyn! The show will begin as a solo looping-style performance, and gradually add guest performers to form duos, trios, quartets and so on: evolving the music as the evening progresses. The EP itself is a solo endeavor, in which all instrument parts were recorded one track at a

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Jazz Class Awakenings

As I stand in the grocery line at 1:50 AM, I glance down at the bag of vegetable chips and the power-fu sandwich in my hand.   Perhaps I could half-consciously ask myself whether I could afford this, or tell myself it is simply too late to eat anything.  I could glance at an over-lit isle shelf, or wander lazily around the store.  

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