NYC-based Adam Ahuja is a jazz/x-genre touring and recording artist, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist, and creator of the #intheloop live-looping style.  During performances, Ahuja loops multiple instruments live on the spot: keyboards & key-bass, singing & rhyming, and beatboxing & drums, often loop recording audience members live on stage.  Adam is also the founder and consultant at the Infinity Gritty label, advising on strategy, ideation, and creativity.  

Press Release:

These are times of ubiquity.  Ideas are shared in an instant.  Communication is mass-scale, for better or for worse.  We can really only be in one place in one moment, however our digital reflections are exponentially approaching a plateau of reality.  They might never get there.  And while it may or may not get us any closer together, everyone is, almost, everywhere.


Adam Ahuja looks down at his keyboard. It contains all of the sounds that he needs.  Mini drum-pads are attached at the right side of the apparatus.  A microphone is set straight in front of the rig.  Above the keyboard sits a multi-track live-looping recorder, waiting to capture and replay anything that’s performed.  There isn’t a need for pre-recorded samples.  Years of innovation have planted the seeds, the table is set.  All of the music can be created from scratch, right here, right now, for the audience and with the audience.


Drawing influence from the spheres of jazz, rock, funk, soul, hip-hop, electronic, world, and some Vanilla Ice dance partying at age six, Adam Ahuja uses his musical toolset to meld a love for groove with an obsession with harmony, while flavoring compositions with metaphysically-bent singing and rhymes. 


Ahuja’s career path has careened; from pre-med and strategic policy consulting, to keyboard-freelancing the streets of New York City, to upstarting NYC-band ‘The Flowdown,’ to in-studio guitar work with Meatloaf, playing organ for Robert Randolph and the Family Band nationally, jamming with musicians like Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, Questlove of The Roots, and Kenny Wayne Shepard, and recently founding a music label and consultancy Infinity Gritty.  Along the journey, Ahuja has honed in the focus on his solo craftwork, heeding the inspiration of late mentor and former Blue Note Records CEO Bruce Lundvall: “never stop listening.”


Ahuja’s work interlace two styles: ‘live-looping,’ featuring a compact multi-instrumental setup used for single-take performances, and ‘band-style’ where Ahuja moves between keys, drum kit, bass, guitar, percussion, and vocals to gradually layer takes one instrument at a time into full tracks. 


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Selected Press:

NYC-based Adam Ahuja is an x-genre live-looping artist, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist, and the Infinity Gritty label founder.  Ahuja’s music melds jazz, rock, funk, soul and electronic music into a fluid style.  When Adam plays live, he offers what he calls an #intheloop experience: one in which he performs and loop-records various instruments on stage, including keyboards, key-bass, drumpads and vocals, often inviting interactive participation from audience members.  Ahuja’s adept performances, charisma, and novel approach to the “one man band” paradigm have made him a widely viewed media presence, landing features in outlets such as Relix, Apple Music, Goldmine Magazine, and university workshops at NYU and Musicians Institute.  

NYC-based Adam Ahuja is an x-genre live-looping artist, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist, and entrepreneur who has drawn international recognition as a touring artist, composer, and producer.  



Ahuja’s influences range from from jazz, rock, world, funk, hip-hop, electronic, and some Vanilla Ice dance partying at age six, amalgamating a sound that melds a love for the groove, an affinity for harmonic exploration, and an expression of metaphysically-bent lyricism.  In 2017, Ahuja released the critically-acclaimed album “Ubiquity” via Infinity Gritty and joint-launched with Ropeadope Records, on which he composed and performed all music, including keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, voice, and wrote the lyrics.   


Ahuja’s keen sense of the contemporary music scene prompted him to establish Infinity Gritty, a global music label and consultancy.  The label focuses on pushing the creative limits of artistic expression at the intersection of jazz and beyond, and has landed features in Spotify’s State of Jazz playlist, Atwood Magazine, Mathematical Association of America, and others.



When Ahuja plays live, he offers what he calls a #intheloop experience: drawing upon a range of electronic and organic instruments to record and loop performances live, without the use of pre-recorded sampled parts.  Ahuja’s shows often involve interactive participation recording the audience members themselves, bringing them on to the stage and giving a personal connection to the performance.  


Ahuja’s adept performances and novel approach to the “one man band” paradigm has led to artist features in Relix Magazine, Apple Music, Goldmine Magazine, amongst others, and has led to hosting creativity and entrepreneurship-driven workshops at NYU Clive Davis Institute, Musicians Institute, University of the Arts, and US State Department-sponsored events.  



Along his career path, a few of Ahuja’s collaborative highlights include writing and recording in-studio guitar parts for rock-legends Meatloaf featuring Brian May of Queen, jamming on stage with musicians such as Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, Questlove of The Roots, and Kenny Wayne Shepard, opening for legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea, landing endorsement deals with Nord Keyboards (‘Artist of the Month’) and Motion Sound Amps, and co-founding and co-creating with NYC multi-genre project “The Flowdown.”   Ahuja was also a past musician-member of touring acts as such as Robert Randolph & Family Band, Ana Popovic Band, and Vanessa Collier Band.



Adam Ahuja has headlined or performed at a wide range of US and international festivals and venues, include Blue Note Jazz Festival (USA), Musikfest (USA), Victoria Jazz Festival (Canada), Tout por Tous Festival (France), Club Milla Night (Germany), Gypsy Jazz-Fest (New Caledonia), Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise (Caribbean), Great Mississippi Balloon Race (USA), Unifier Festival (USA), DiscJam Festival (USA), and Sofar Sounds (USA, Germany, Brazil).



As a consultant with a background in both creativity and strategy, Ahuja has advised organizations and individuals through an approach drawing from systems thinking, multiple-perspective comparison, sustainability, ideation, and creative inspiration.  Adam holds a Master’s in Public Policy (MBA) from University of Konstanz in Germany and BSBA in Management and Pre-Med from Bucknell University, and enjoys a good philosophical conversation every now and then.  

includes work as an artist, composer, or session player.
bold = as an artist or a primary composer/producer



2024, “Inspired Minds: Uplifting Hip Hop Mantra Music” – Various Artists 

2023, “COZY” – SUUZ

2023, “Ancient Scrolling” – Adam Ahuja, Johnny Butler, E Scott Lindner

2023, “Light & Soul” – Foam Collective, West One Music Group

2023, “Dance Into A Dream” – Foam Collective, Warner Chappell Production Music

2023, “New Bloom” – James Casey

2023, “Origins” – NOON, Adam Ahuja, Todd Gayor, Anthony Muthurajah, E Scott Lindner

2022, “Odyssey” – NOON

2022, “Foliage Fire” – E Scott Lindner

2021, “We Three Kings” – Adam Ahuja, Neel Murgai, Pablo Eluchans (Merry Pinchmas)

2021, “Nubiyan Dance” – NOON ft. Weedie Braimah, Adam Ahuja 

2021, “ON YOUR WAY UP” – RoSaWay

2021, “Dialogue Sessions” – E Scott Lindner

2021, “I Ain’t Comin’ In” – SiFi 

2021, “Groove Move Move” – Various, AMP Music / MPATH / EMI

2021, “Sessions” – The New York Comedy Club

2021, “Self-Inflicted Voodoo” – Charley Row

2021, “As If We Were” – April Quartet, Stay in Shape Vol. 1

2020, “Stranger” – RoSaWay

2020, “yo-lk” – The Flowdown

2020, “Ghost X” – Project K-Paz

2020, “Kids of Summer” – Monotronic

2020, “The People of 2020” – The People of 2020

2020, “Sometimes I” – SUUZ

2020, “In Flowers Through Space” – E Scott Lindner

2019, “Walk” – RoSaWay

2019, “Over the Rainbow (live-looping)” – Adam Ahuja

2019, “Monotronic” – Monotronic

2019, “Buddy Cop Movie” – Keith Tryfle Hudson

2019, “Count the Clocks” – Zhou Kroix

2019, “Barrel Roll” – CakeDrop

2019, “Roller Coaster” – SUUZ 

2019, “Visions of a Lethargic Sun” – VSUS

2019, “Don’t Let Me Go” – SiFi

2019, “Stranger,” – RoSaWay 

2018, “Earth Song” – Anna Diorio

2018, “Duff’s Groove” – Noon

2018, “Port of Dreams” – E Scott Lindner
2018, “Firebrand” – DB3
2018, “FREEDOM” – RoSaWay

2018, “Calling Out Your Name” – SiFi
2018, “Post-Something” – Project K-Paz
2018, “Edge Detection” – Escaper
2018, “Leesta Vall Sessions” – Natalie Hart

2018, “From a Dream” – Bob DiGiacomo 
2018, “Forget Your Face” – Keith Tryfle Hudson
2017, “Ubiquity” – Adam Ahuja
2017, “E. Scott Lindner” – E. Scott Lindner
2017 “Skeleton Key” – Escaper
2017 “The Game We’re In,” “Ruler” – Nemiss
2017, “Henry Grant EP” – Henry Grant
2017, “Chelsea Berry” – Wanderbird

2017, “Indiggative” – Digg Deep

2017, “About Time” – Bob DiGiacomo
2017, “Dig on Me” – Brady Oh
2017, “Why Would I” – Lumos
2016, “WorldSpeak” – The Flowdown
2016, “Only Wonder” – Lumos

2016, “Everyday Blues” – John Minnock
2015, “A Positive Light” – Kuf Knotz
2015, “A Divided Place” – The Lilted
2014, “The Realness” – Srikalogy
2014, “Sing the World Awake” – Reya Manna
2014, “First Impressions” – Alejandro Meola
2014, “Please” – Alejandro Meola
2014, “Black Feathered Angel” – Alejandro Meola

2013, “Do You Hear What I Hear?!” – Adam Ahuja 
2013, “Balance” – Adam Ahuja

2013, “In Love” – EarthRise SoundSystem
2012, “Glory & Blues” – Boogie Rock Boys
2012, “Rory Sullivan & The Second Season” – Rory Sullivan
2011, “Metamorphosis” – The Flowdown
2011, “Expose” – Miles
2010, “Hang Cool Teddy Bear” – Meatloaf
2010, “Freedom is the Basis” – Srikalogy
2005, “The Synthesis” – Flow Down Street Six
2004, “ToxicSheep: DC Sessions” – Adam Ahuja
2001, “Quacks” – The Baba Yaga
2000, “Live at Musikfest” – The Baba Yaga
1999, “Toxic Sheep: Fort Lauderdale Sessions” – Adam Ahuja  

  • Education:
  • -MA Public Policy & Management, University of Konstanz (2008)
  • -BSBA, Bucknell University (2005)
  • -Pre-Med, Bucknell University (2005)
  • -Washing Semester in Economic Policy, American University (2004) 
  • -Music History I & II, Berklee College of Music (2015)
  • Endorsements:


-Nord Keyboards

-Motion Sounds Amps

-Otherworld Computing

-Artist Relations



-Mark Awards Nominee (2023)
  • -Nord Keyboards Featured Performing Artist at NAMM (2019)
  • -Recording Academy Member (2018-Present)
  • -New York Peace Ambassador, Art 4 Peace Awards, UN (2018)
  • -Artist of the Month, Nord Keyboards (Nov. 2014)
  • -Harvard World Model UN Delegate Beijing, China (2006)